Our Associates and Professionals:

Wilfred M. Barranoik, P.Mgr., C.Mgr.
Professional Management, Executive Leadership, and Strategic Planning

Wilfred holds the Professional Manager Designation and Charter Manager Designation from the Canadian Institute of Management. He has conducted several workshops and education seminars on management and organizational development; small business and community development; retail development; and marketing development. He is also a specialist in entrepreneurial training needs assessment, business marketing, strategic planning, and community tourism opportunity planning. In addition to his success in the field of community and business development, he is the author of 2-self-help books on business planning and development.

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Greg Yelland, PhD
Social Research & Program Evaluation

Greg has more than 20 years’ experience designing and conducting program evaluation and social research projects. He is proficient with multiple data collection methods including interviews (individual/key informant and focus group), surveys (paper and online) and Delphi projects, Social Network Analysis and has substantial experience in developing data collection instruments and techniques for both quantitative and qualitative data.

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James Stiver, M.A.E.S, MCIP, RPP
Community Planning and Engagement Specialist

James is a community planner and engagement specialist that has focused on enhancing community development for over 20 years. His approach to development emphasizes clear communication skills and a planner dedicated to a horizontal management style and a team-first approach. He has proven organizational and project management performance in fast-paced and dynamic work environments, coupled with extensive land use, development, policy, economic and environmental planning experience.

Terry Vulcano, BA, BSc, EcD.
Facilitation, Consultation, and Economic Development Assessment

Terry is a specialist in community engagement, key factor analysis, and futures scenario modelling. He has been involved in community development with municipalities and provincial governments  in BC, Alberta, and the NWT. Terry has also played significant roles in international development with his work in Belize and Botswana, focussing on economic development project management.

Helene Huang, M.A.
Economic Development & Tourism Researcher

Helene is a tourism professional with a wealth of experience in the field of research, analysts, and destination marketing.  She has worked in the field tourism destination for the past 13-years supporting community marketing, resort attraction, and tourism experience research analytics. The combination of her experience in tourism destination and her understanding of tourism policy and planning gives Helene a broad based understanding of the industry on the ground and from a high-level view of operations.

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James Umpherson, M.A.E.S., BA
Entrepreneurial, Enterprise, Economic and Community Development Specialist

James is an economic development professional, economist, and public policy specialist with a proven track record in research, teaching, workshop facilitation, public policy, strategic development, and program implementation. He has worked with a cross section of First Nations, local and regional governments, businesses, public stakeholders, and communities for long-term sustainable development. James has a master’s degree in Economic Development from the University of Waterloo where he developed an Economic Development Capacity Building Model that examines economic development policy success through a capacity building lens.